Teva Sienicki , Chief Executive Officer

Teva Sienicki, Chief Executive Officer

Sisi Dong Brinn , Chief Impact Officer

Sisi Dong Brinn, Chief Impact Officer

Donna Munip , Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Donna Munip, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Erik Hicks , Chief Development Officer

Erik Hicks, Chief Development Officer


Food Access & Nutrition

Lannea Hand , RDN, Nutrition Programs Manager

Lannea Hand, RDN, Nutrition Programs Manager

Justin Batchelder , Nutrition Education Coordinator

Justin Batchelder, Nutrition Education Coordinator

Tommy Crosby,  Food Access Team Lead

Tommy Crosby, Food Access Team Lead

Mike Hallowell , Truck Driver

Mike Hallowell, Truck Driver

William Smith , Food Access Assistant

William Smith, Food Access Assistant

Steven Valle-Valdez , Warehouse and Market Assistant

Steven Valle-Valdez, Warehouse and Market Assistant



Emma Moore,  Operations Manager

Emma Moore, Operations Manager

Sarah Burns , Database Management System Administrator

Sarah Burns, Database Management System Administrator

Jattu Konneh , Operations Assistant

Jattu Konneh, Operations Assistant


Community Activation

Jenee Donelson , Community Activator

Jenee Donelson, Community Activator

Jessica Harper , Gardener and Community Activator

Jessica Harper, Gardener and Community Activator


Volunteer Engagement

Deena Duwaik , Volunteer Resources Manager

Deena Duwaik, Volunteer Resources Manager

Jose Navarro , Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Jose Navarro, Volunteer Resources Coordinator



Judith Ackerman , Corporate Engagement & Marketing Officer

Judith Ackerman, Corporate Engagement & Marketing Officer

Jim Van Someren , Development Manager

Jim Van Someren, Development Manager

Rubea Stouppe , Grant Writer

Rubea Stouppe, Grant Writer