In April 2019, Metro Caring and our partners at Denver Food Rescue, Izzio Bakery, and The Post Brewery launched Penny Loafer Pale Ale —
a beer collaboration that brings together common concerns and passions in our community.

 This collaborative came together to address two problems: Food waste and food insecurity.  It also focused on something we love: great beer.

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How It Works
We take otherwise wasted bread from Izzio Bakery to our friends at The Post.

The Post “up-cycles” the bread, utilizing the grains and natural sugars to make a delicious beer.

Restaurants, bars, and community partners buy the kegs, and share it with customers.

For every pint sold, $1 comes back to support Metro Caring and Denver Food Rescue, which work to build an equitable food system in our community.

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Grab a Pint
Support Metro Caring by inviting your friends to grab a pint of Penny Loafer with you. Here’s where to find Penny Loafer on tap. You can also purchase a keg for your place of business or your next event by sending an email to The Post Brewing.