Teva's Listening Campaign

When I became CEO of Metro Caring last August, I knew I was joining a community with remarkable gifts—a community that includes a smart, forward-thinking Board; an energetic, talented staff; dedicated volunteers; loyal donors; strong partner organizations; and nearly 30,000 participants. Together we possess a depth and breadth of institutional knowledge and community wisdom—knowledge and wisdom that inspired me to conduct a year-long campaign of listening. This campaign has allowed me to meet with and hear from many of our members and, along the way, to advance and deepen my own knowledge and understanding of Metro Caring, its history, and our work.  

To everyone who met with me, thank you. I gained important insights about Metro Caring, the larger community, and where people see potential. I have been harvesting the ideas, feedback, and perspectives. Some of them we’ve already been able to put to work. Much more of them will be informing my perspectives and thinking as we move into a season of strategic planning.


The listening campaign comprised hour-long, one-on-one interviews and small-group discussions. They were organized as open-ended conversations around the SWOT categories (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).   


  • Volunteers

  • Staff Members

  • Hospitality

  • Programs

  • Healthy Food

  • Mission Driven


  • Organizational Culture

  • High Staff Turnover

  • Limited Language Accessibility / Cultural Competency

  • Insufficient Meat (along with dairy, eggs and other proteins)

  • Difficult to get through on the phone


  • Inadequate Space

  • Lack of Focus

  • Declining Opportunities for Food Rescue

  • Feeding America

  • Need In Growing

  • Demographic Shift in the Neighborhood


  • Policy and Advocacy

  • Community Organizing / Civic Engagement

  • Family or Children’s Programming (two generational lens)

  • Equity Training Lens

  • Partnerships

  • Staff Development Expanded Hours

Read the full report here.

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