Keeping Our Shelves Stocked: Part 4

For the final week of Hunger Action Month, we'd like to highlight a partnership that has allowed us to provide food for some of our youngest neighbors in Denver for many years. 

If Metro Caring were a rock band, and tours of our Hunger Prevention Center were a concert, our stop at the shelf where the baby formula sits would, without a doubt, be the crowd-pleasing song. 

And deservedly so. It's a great story: 

Even though Metro Caring recommends breast feeding for moms, we know that isn't a reality for many who come through our doors. So we have an unlimited supply of baby formula for them. Moms leave with as many as 15 cans per visit, which, in another store, would be expensive! But Metro Caring provides it all for free. And we receive it for free. Can you guess where from? 

Hospitals? Good guess. The baby formula companies? Not bad, but no.

The correct answer: the U.S. Postal Service

See, baby formula companies send moms-to-be packages of goods to endear themselves early on. But when the address is bad or the package gets turned away, it goes back to the Post Office, who gives it to Metro Caring. This allows us to stock and distribute an unlimited supply to moms in need. 

It took Metro Caring years to make this creative connection. We try to make them all the time.

So, in honor of Hunger Action Month, we have one request of you: help us make more connections like this. Can you think of a company whose goods might make for essential grocery items in our market? 

Metro Caring