The Action After Hunger Action Month


Hunger Action Month in 2017 has come to an end, and we now enter International Black Cat Awareness Month, or Pizza Month, or most notably, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The spectrum of public awareness campaigns runs from the chuckle-worthy to the those of great importance, which gives us levity in times of struggle (after all, September was also Happy Cat Month).  We do not, of course, need to discuss the merits of said campaigns here, but rather we want to appreciate what good comes from them and make sure that the notion isn’t fleeting.

Hunger Action Month in 2017 gave Metro Caring extra reason to share our monthly shopping list, gave us further impetus to start a blog and book club to encourage further discussion on hunger and poverty, and to celebrate old and new partners alike, not to mention our own volunteers and supporters.  It also coincided with our annual celebration, Cornucopia, where we shared our gratitude to so many of you while also acknowledging the magnitude of inequity in our city and beyond.

Love the Wild in the Cooler.jpg

Hunger Action Month in 2017 saw new partners arrive at Metro Caring’s doors: Good Karma came to volunteer, and brought hundreds of pounds of yogurt with them; Love The Wild learned of our mission and sent hundreds of pounds of fish to our market; Mame’s Burritos understood how important healthy and ready-made sustenance is to our participants and sent hundreds of burritos our way.  The list goes on.  Unfortunately, so does the need for nutritious food.

But Hunger Action Month is not about Metro Caring, its about the cause.  How can we provide access to good quality food, while also seeking to make Denver a more equitable place to live?  We can only do it together: Denver Food Rescue and We Don’t Waste transport food all over our metro area and are incredible partners of Metro Caring; Naturally Boulder raised awareness and funds and people-power (read: a massive volunteer effort) throughout September and they’re not ending it there; Hunger Free Colorado continues to lead the fight against hunger in our state, and hosted their powerful Hungry For Change Summit recently; there are too many to name here—we are just one of many fighting the good fight.

Hunger Action Month in 2017 is over, but nothing magically changes now that its Pizza Month.  We implore you to find a way that you can help in aiding our mission.  That could be supporting one of our partners, that could be supporting Metro Caring.  It could be volunteering with your friends or family, or getting your employer to send you and your coworkers here for a morning.  It could be realizing you have a friend in the food business (or personal care products, or coffee, or… you get the idea)—as Concept Restaurants recently have done--and asking whether they can contribute.  It could be connecting us with a space (like Davita, who recently hosted our event), or a platform to talk about our mission (like TIAA or Great Divide have done this year). 

We’re committed to our citywide and statewide efforts to fight hunger, poverty, and inequity everywhere.  Join us in that commitment, and let’s take action every month.

Metro Caring