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45 years ago we stepped up to solve a problem. But now, we’re over it. We’re over the excuses and justifications. We don’t want to scare you, we aren’t going out of business---yet. Our mission is to end hunger at its root, and with our vision and your help, we can get there.

Here at Metro Caring we help, teach and support our community members through many different services:


Nutrition and Cooking Classes:

Using food available that day in the Market, Metro Caring offers cooking classes in Spanish and English featuring healthy recipes that community members can try at home. Diabetes self-management and prevention programs are also available.


Urban Gardening:

Through urban gardening, Metro Caring’s community members have an opportunity to not only learn a new skill but to expand their creativity. We’ve even turned a freight train into a garden. And we’re not done yet.


Healthy Food Access:

One of Metro Caring’s most popular services is our Fresh Foods Market. Community members can shop once a month for a week’s worth of ethnically diverse groceries that include fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, proteins and more.


ID Assistance:

The importance of having an ID is often overlooked. In fact, an ID is crucial to obtaining employment, housing, and healthcare, among other services. As Colorado's lead ID-assistance agency, Metro Caring distributed more than 20,000 ID vouchers last year, for Colorado-state driver's licenses, government IDs, and birth certificates.


Community Activation Activities:

Metro Caring’s goal is to be more than a helping hand in the community. At Metro Caring, we strive to be friends and neighbors, out-of-the-box-thinkers, brave humans and dreamers of a world that's bigger, better and brighter. Using these values we work with our community so everyone can thrive in the world around them.



We're hungry for the end of hunger. Are you? Find out more.