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In addition to approximately 300 weekly volunteers, Metro Caring has a dedicated staff that helps implement the organization's life-changing programming.

Our team is shaped by a mix of individuals who bring different life experiences, cultural diversity, and unique perspectives that allow us to solve problems in creative ways. Together, we are committed to eradicating hunger in greater Denver in ways that meet the immediate need for healthful food, help people become self-reliant, and build stronger communities.

MCR Staff

Staff Members

Mike Porter, Co-Acting CEO
Phone: 303-350-3611

Cheryl Longtin, Co-Acting CEO
Phone: 303-350-3611

Judith Ackerman, Business Development & Marketing Officer
Phone: 303-350-3630

Justin Batchelder, Nutrition Education Coordinator
Phone: 303-350-3630

Lisa Biro, Office Manager & HR Liaison
Phone: 720-343-8453

Sarah Burns, Food Access Manager
Phone: 303-350-3631

Ryan Eaton, Manager of Individual Giving and Faith Community Engagement
Phone: 720-501-2387

Cheryl Feinstein, Hospitality and Intake Associate

Ryan Galanaugh, VP of Development and Communications
Phone: 303-350-3663

Reuben Gregory, Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
Phone: 303-638-2375

Mike Hallowell, Truck Driver
Phone: 303-350-3630

Lannea Hand, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
Phone: 720-343-8454

Jessica Harper, Food Access Coordinator
Phone: 720-343-8454

Adrienne Havey, Controller
Phone: 720-343-8466

Helen Katich, Programs Manager, Self-Sufficiency Coordinator
Phone: 720-343-8451

Patrick Killscrow, Warehouse & Delivery Assistant

Hawa Konneh, Custodian

Megan Maes, Volunteer Resources Manager
Phone: 303-350-3699

John McDonald, Facilities Assistant
Phone: 720-556-5486

Emma Moore, Program Coordinator
Phone: 303-350-3613

Cindy Piggott, Volunteer Resources Associate
Phone: 303-350-3641

Shelby Singleton, Development Coordinator, Grants and Communications
Phone: 720-343-8452 x 3625

Heidi Vielhaber, Volunteer Resources Coordinator
Phone: 303-350-3612

Tom Wolf, Development Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
Phone: 303-350-3614

Contract Staff

Tim Cranston, Development Associate

Dave Licko, Finance Director

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